“In my old life (as an anesthesiologist), I used to put people to sleep. Now I wake them up.” – Dr. Rajiv Parti, MD

Why Would I Want to Work With Women Who’s Hearts were Broken by Men…

Dr. Rajiv Parti – Let’s begin your journey of Forgiveness, Love and Healing.

I confess, I’ve been on both sides of heartbreak – as the heart breaker and the one wounded by heartbreak. The heart I broke was my wife’s and many other women and the heart she broke was mine and by other women. I broke my wife’s heart and the hearts of several other women before I was married. My heart was also broken a time or two before I married. And then my wife shattered it when she told me she no longer loved me after nearly 30 years of marriage.

When my wife announced she wanted a divorce, that she no longer loved me, I lost trust in women. I felt betrayed and deceived. Indeed, I despised her and all of her sex. But as the days passed and our anger and vengeance ebbed, I finally heard the heartbreak in my wife’s voice, heard her anger and frustration with me. Soon, I realized that I had broken her heart as well, however naively or unconsciously. And perhaps I had even started us down the road that had brought us to heartbreak and possibly, divorce.

It was then that I met Ajaya Sommers, a life coach and healer, and Jacqueline Chan DO, Doctor & Intuitive Medicine [DG1] expert—two beautiful, wise women who worked with me, caringly and empathetically. Sometimes, it would feel as if they could hold my wounded heart in their hands, and as they soothed and massaged it, they invited divine guides to apply their own consciousness-based balms. Such was their power and insight.

Though my heart was broken by a woman, it was women who helped me heal, to trust in women again, and enable me to place my heart in my wife’s hands again. And it is because of my wife as well as Ajaya and Jacqueline, that I have become a life coach who specializes in helping women heal their broken hearts–to honor the women who survive heartbreak.

If you are a woman whose heart has been broken by a man, I want to help you recover from your heartbreak and renew your vows to life and love. Let me show you how to safely hold a caring and respectful space in your heart for the men you may yet love again.

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Together, we can mend your broken heart and help you find love again!